About Radio King Online

Radio King Online started off as just an idea. The idea was to provide our audience with the finest new music and entertainment news. Initially, it was set up as an online radio station in 2011. As time went by, feature after feature was added and it has evolved into so much more.

The positive response we received in our early days helped us realize the power of the medium we had created. We are proud to say that today we here at Radio King Online believe that our undertaking is to bridge the gap between our communities and the entertainment industry.

Here is how we got about it:


We are an online radio station that aims to entertain as well as educate. Our shows cover the breadth of genres including R&B, Pop, Soul & Neo Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, Grime, Afrobeats, Dancehall & more. You can find out more about our shows here.

We also recognize that entertainment/education comes in forms other than music. We have talk-based shows that cover sport, politics, current affairs and more.

Entertainment News

A quick glance at our homepage will instantly show you that our love for music hasn’t faded one bit over these years. We are continously supporting the music industry via sharing news and promotional material (from both established and emerging) artists. In staying true to our roots, we have a section on the website dedicated exclusively to UK Music. The talent in the UK can rival that of any country in the world and we are determined to show the world that.

Radio King Academy

We initially set up Radio King Academy when we realized that though we had managed to break through into the entertainment industry, many of our peers were struggling to get opportunities. Radio King Academy provides courses in radio production, broadcasting and journalism for people of all ages. It is designed to be as fun as it is educational, using the power of the resources at our disposal to improve prospects and change perspectives. It is also through this program that we have to give work experience placements in the fields of radio production, radio broadcasting, journalism, media, videography, admin & more. To date we have run Radio King Academy in conjuction with 8 schools and 3 London borough councils. Please refer to our Academy page for more information.

Radio King Events

Radio King Sessions is a monthly live music night that we hold in Brixton. The purpose of the show is to showcase the finest up and coming talent in the UK. It is not just the most accomplished artists that we believe should be allowed to showcase their talent, all our events have an open mic section in which all those interested are invited to perform.

If you would like to contact us, there are three ways in which you can do so:

1. Email us at info@radiokingonline.com

2. Tweet us @Radio_King

3. Contact us on Facebook.