Radio King

As an enterprise, we here at Radio King Online believe that our purposeful undertaking is to bridge the gap between our communities and the music and media we all watch and listen to. With the community in mind, throughout the year, we here at Radio King Online are actively involved in promoting ideas and services that benefit our community.

In the past year, we have been involved in organizing community festivals, putting on showcases, publicizing community issues and have recently formed a charity. We also help promote charitable organisations. Here is one example of a charitable organization that is very close to our heart; The Oli Bennett Charitable Trust.

Oli Bennett Was a successful financial Journalist and budding entrepreneur in New York, who had dreams of setting up his very own nightclub. Sadly he passed away on 11th September aged 29 as a victim to the catastrophic terrorist attacks on the famous Twin Towers. As a tribute to Oli, his family and friends have created the charity to help young people, from all backgrounds, get their business ideas off the ground and turned into sustainable, profitable organizations, whatever their scale. Radio King were fortunate to receive funding from The OBCT in 2009 and are ever grateful for their support. In the above video we introduce Oli Bennets mother Joy Bennnett who kindly shares the kind words on memories of her son, history of the charity and details on the funding process. If you’d like to know more or make a donation you can contact the trust by email at